I am a physician and athlete. Several years ago I was diagnosed with multiple herniated discs and severe nerve compression in my lower back. I was in constant pain and unable to do simple day-to-day activities. I looked into treatment options only to learn that surgery had limited success and was really no better the medical therapy (chronic pain medication and epidural injections). I was devastated.
I knew Kate Pietrowski from her excellent work as a registered nurse, and we decided to try a course of acupuncture. The results have been spectacular- beyond all my expectations. During the course of several weeks I had gradual improvement in my symptoms and was able to slowly reintroduce physical activity. After several months of tapering acupuncture, I stopped treatment and remained pain-free and active for nearly two years. My symptoms returned a few months ago, and were so severe I thought I would certainly need surgery, but based on my prior experience I went back to Kate and am once again pain-free following about 3 months of tapering treatments. This time, I plan to continue maintenance therapy.
My experience has been incredible- my ability to do the things I love without chronic medication or the risks and limited benefits of surgery and other procedures has been restored.
Kate is the consummate caregiver; the environment at Acupuncture for health is professional and peaceful, maximizing my sense of confidence and the benefit of treatment. Her broad knowledge and blend of traditional and ‘alternative’ treatment provide the best opportunity for assessing and addressing a variety of problems.
I recommend Kate and Acupuncture for Health without reservations. If you are considering treatment, an added benefit is that some insurance companies now recognize and reimburse this therapy. Good luck and good health to those considering this option.
– Laura D
“What do you say to someone who gave you your life back?
A little over 2 years ago, I was suffering from severe and chronic facial neuralgia pain. Having the illness since 2001, I had tried many different types of modern medicine to mitigate my pain. The medicines were so strong and side effects so incapacitating, I could barely function.  The pain was taking over every aspect of my life- my job, my relationships, my wellness, my faith. I was in a state of despair. That’s when I decided to give alternative medicine a try.
Fast forward to today and thanks to my ongoing acupuncture treatments, I am virtually pain free! I used to take prescription medication every single day and even then was not functioning well. Now I might take one dose a month! Acupuncture has reduced the intensity of my daily pain and the frequency of my pain episodes significantly. It has been a blessing beyond words!
Since starting my acupuncture treatments I have lost weight and gained wellness. I am more relaxed and sleep better than I ever have.  I feel energized and ready to tackle the world! Thanks to Kate, I am able to live my best life, even with a chronic illness.
Kate is a professional practitioner with a huge heart and passion for what she does.  Her knowledge is current, relevant and she shares it with her patients in ways they can understand and put into practice.
My family and I will be forever grateful that I found Acupuncture for Health!”
– Tara W
“My triathlon season was a success, in a big part because of my visits to Kate.  The biggest help came the day before my final race of the season.  My calf muscle seized in a cramp that left me unable to walk.  I called Kate and she fit me into her schedule that same day.  I came in 6th of 253 in my age group (it was the swim that was slow…the legs worked great for bike and run!) for a personal record time in an Olympic distance triathlon.  Kate’s expertise and sound advice have been appreciated by many people whom I have referred, including my husband, my mom and my mother-in-law.  And Kate is always on time.”
   – Jayme G
“I tried several other therapies before acupuncture for my elbow pain. After six visits, I was pain free and ready to swing dance again!”
   – Mark B
“After my chemotherapy treatments, I was left with low energy and sleepless nights. Kate helped boost my energy and relieve insomnia. This is the best I have slept ever!”
   – Myra L
“I suffered with pain from endometriosis for years. After five months of acupuncture, my pain was gone and I was pregnant with my baby boy! It also cured my nausea and indigestion during pregnancy.”
   – Mary Jo G
“I suffered from unexplained infertility for three years – we are now expecting our first child!”
   – Amy S
“I had surgery on both knees that left me with chronic pain. After receiving acupuncture treatments, I am able to ski and run again.”
   – Amy
* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary


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