Acupuncture for Health

Kate is the consummate caregiver; the environment  is professional and peaceful, maximizing my sense of confidence and the benefit of treatment.  

Laura D

My triathlon season was a success, in a big part because of my visits to Kate.

 Kate’s expertise and sound advice have been appreciated by many people whom I have referred, including my husband, my mom and my mother-in-law. And Kate is always on time.

Jayme G

I suffered from unexplained infertility for three years – we are now expecting our first child!

Amy S

I suffered with pain from endometriosis for years. After five months of acupuncture, my pain was gone and I was pregnant with my baby boy! It also cured my nausea and indigestion during pregnancy.

Mary Jo G

What do you say to someone who gave you your life back?

Kate is a professional practitioner with a huge heart and passion for what she does. Her knowledge is current, relevant and she shares it with her patients in ways they can understand and put into practice.

My family and I will be forever grateful that I found Acupuncture for Health!  

Tara W

I had surgery on both knees that left me with chronic pain. After receiving acupuncture treatments, I am able to ski and run again.


After my chemotherapy treatments, I was left with low energy and sleepless nights. Kate helped boost my energy and relieve insomnia. This is the best I have slept ever!

Myra L

I tried several other therapies before acupuncture for my elbow pain. After six visits, I was pain free and ready to swing dance again!

Mark B



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